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Looking for video streaming services for television and general media to share on your own site? Live video streaming over the web can be complex and technically demanding. It often requires investment in expensive equipment, video broadcast software and specialized personnel. Even if these obstacles can be overcome, it is still difficult to monetize. LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT can help, with an integrated streaming service for live and on demand streaming. News, shows and other programming can be broadcast. Included monetization tools make it easy to start earning money as well.

Key Benefits

LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENTS innovative streaming system provides many benefits to help you monetize your video content:
Comprehensive, all-in-one, live video streaming service
HD quality streams are available through our top tier Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Pay Per View and Subscription monetization models – You choose how to boost your profits
VOD streaming allows instant access to certain programming and gives added subscription value
Easy integration into existing websites and portals through embedded video


With LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT, TV stations and video content providers can successfully compete in the new market. The platform presents a white label service. This allows media content distributors to promote their own brand. Multiple channel support allows for a variety of programming. Organizations can focus on both broad and niche audiences at the same time. Through the same interface, it offers robust revenue options through video monetization.

What Can We Stream For You?