Online Education

Looking for education video streaming services to integrate on a website? Online video technology has increased the ability to reach, connect with and educate. Teachers and professors can conduct classes and lectures remotely with streaming media services. Special events, such as graduations, can be shared with family and friends around the world. Special Sports teams can also easily broadcast games to local and distant fans.

Key Benefits for Education

Leverages existing content to create greater community and/or increase revenues
Fosters greater engagement and participation among students and other groups
Creates new offerings to appeal to remote student groups
Extends the reach of your content to either on or off campus audiences
Better engages with your entire community whoever they are and wherever they are
Develops new online offerings and new revenue opportunities


The LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT video service allows you to easily stream educational content over the Internet. Start using your video assets to:
Improve student and community involvement
Broadcast graduations to diverse audiences
Increase fan engagement for sports
Create monetization opportunities
Extend your reach to alumni, faculty and parents
Expand enrollment without needing more class room seats
Create archives of content that are available on demand
And start reaping the rewards today
Education Video Streaming Services

LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT allows you to broadcast educational presentations, graduations, classes, lectures, seminars and sports events.

What Can We Stream For You?