Sporting Events

Looking for online sports streaming services to broadcast on your own site? No medium has benefited more from live video streaming than sports. Fans demand up-to-the minute presentations and statistics on teams and players. Late is not an option when it comes to sports, be it local or major. Fans will start to feel disconnected from one another if they can’t converse about the latest developments.

Key Benefits

Leverages existing content to create greater community and/or increase revenues
Fosters greater engagement and participation among fans for their favorite sports teams
Extends the reach of your content for even sold out games and events
Better engages with your entire community whoever they are and wherever they are
Develops new online offerings and new revenue opportunities
Let your audience watch whenever they want with the option of video on demand
Embed on your website or Facebook page


The LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT integrated, live video streaming service allows you to keep those fans in the loop. You can immediately broadcast premium or free presentations of sporting events, interviews or games. No complicated set up and provisioning process required. LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT provides a complete, integrated system. All accounts include everything you need to get started. The platform is easy to use, with none of the complexity found in other streaming systems. Plus organizations can not only broadcast games live, but also repackage videos for on demand.

What Can We Stream For You?