Faith & Religion

Need video streaming services for faith, religion and spirituality? Are people in your community missing your worship services? Do you lack space or want to increase your outreach to those unable to attend? Or do you wish to provide a service of worship to those even when they are on vacation or abroad? Have you ever wanted to show friends, family or a potential members what your services and faith are about? What about doing it ad free without distracting or inappropriate advertising?

Key Benefits for Houses of Worship

Reach out to a much larger audience, not limited to a physical site or geographic region
Increase awareness, involvement and participation from existing community
Allow individuals to watch services live from anywhere, mobile devices included
Host past events and services on demand for viewers to watch as their schedule permits
Provide an alternative with varied interaction with community members to increase retention
Allow church members who are travelling or disabled to continue to participate remotely
Enable viewers to easily contribute money through a completely integrated donation system

LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT allows you to easily stream your services, community meetings and study groups. You can also rebroadcast important sessions on demand. The quick setup process allows you to immediately begin streaming live. and even receive donations online. Furthermore, video is delivered ad free. No ads forced on content to detract from the services provided. LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT presents the complete, integrated system with everything you need to make it happen.

What Can We Stream For You?